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Wool & Alpaca Dryer Balls Set of 5


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  • Wool & Alpaca Dryer Balls


Set of 4 100% wool and alpaca, dryer balls.

These balls are great for the enviornment and your family.

All balls are hand felted with 100% wool.

No need to buy costly, chemical filled dryer sheets and softeners again.
My dryer balls are not felted balls of yarn that will eventually come unwound. They are made of solid felted wool and alpaca fiber.

Just a few of the benefits of these balls are:

* No Chemicals

* Non Toxic

* No Fragrances added

* Wool does not harbor any kind of bacteria

* Saves Energy

* Decreased drying time

* Decreases static

* Works as a wrinkle releaser

* Last for years

* No more dryer sheets or softeners

* Saves money!

Use 2-3 balls for small load, 3-4 for medium load and 5-6 for large load. The more balls, the more time it will cut down on drying time. Balls are slightly smaller than a tennis ball.

Balls may vary slightly from photo.

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